MC Dental Laboratory



Daily delivery service

At MC Dental Laboratory in Downpatrick we provide a free local daily pick-up and delivery service. For those clients further a field we have an independent courier.

Quality dentures in Downpatrick

If you're looking for a dental laboratory that is committed to supplying top-quality, beautifully crafted dentures that your client will love, contact M C Dental Laboratory in Downpatrick. Our skilled technicians have many years' experience of creating quality dentures at a reasonable price

Teeth Whitening

Beautifully made teeth whitening

If you provide teeth whitening for your clients, then give them the quality they deserve. At M C Dental Laboratory we manufacture and supply top quality teeth whitening trays created from your impressions.

Sports Mouth Guards

Great mouth guard designs

At M C Dental Laboratory in Downpatrick we supply great sports mouth guards in funky designs and colours. Let your clients decide on the design of their choice, and M C Dental Laboratory will custom make it to the highest standards.

Safety all the way!

All sports mouth guards and sport shields supplied by M C Dental Laboratory are designed individually for each client, and created to the client's unique specification.

To find out how M C Dental Laboratory could help your practice, call today